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How to install node.js on Debian and CentOS linux

How to install node.js on Debian and CentOS What is node.js? From their website, node.js is a platform built on Google Chrome JavaScript runtime for building fast and scalable network application. I did however seen lots of users still thinking they can install this on a shared hosting service, and here I am confirming that

Mysql server optimization for InnoDB and MyISAM

Mysql server optimization In my other articles I showed you how to install a mysql server on Centos or on Debian / Ubuntu and the process wasn’t that hard right? Well that’s how it should be, installing things on a server is a basic thing really, configuring and optimizing it for your needs its the

Remote mysql connection using cPanel and VPS server

What is a remote mysql connection? Have you ever thought that you could use the web server in one place and the mysql server in a different place? It is possible, this is usually done to split the server resources, so that your database server is used separately than your other web server. Normally mysql

How to install nginx web server on CentOS or Debian

NGINX logo

How to install nginx web server on CentOS or Debian Nginx is one of the best web servers available on the internet, Cloudflare is using it to power up all their CDN servers, caching it, compressing data and speeding your website. For those who do not know, it can be used as a standalone server

Install mysql server 5.5 on Debian and CentOS 5 and CentOS 6

Mysql_real_escape example

Install mysql server 5.5 on linux Mysql is the most broadly used database management system on the internet, I’m not entirely sure an exact percent usage, but I’m pretty sure it is the most used one. Compared to previous versions, mysql 5.5 has better multi-core scalability, better IO for Inodb, default storage has now been set

PHP classes and objects


PHP classes and objects Few days ago I had a talk with a few friends of mine about this topic, and I saw that some people are still misunderstanding the OOP paradigm in programming. So I want to clarify a few things in this article. What is OOP ? OOP stands for Object Oriented Programming and

Install flvtool2, mediainfo and neroAacEnc on centos x86_64

Install flvtool2, mediainfo and neroAacEnc on centos x86_64 A client has requested a few days ago to have the binaries flvtool2, mediainfo and neroAacEnc installed on his dedicated server, well the first two of them were easy to install since these support centos x86_64 by default, and since the dedicated server has lots of ram there,

How to update and install php 5.3 and php 5.2 CentOS webtatic repo

How to install php 5.3 and php 5.2 A few weeks ago I had a client that needed an old php version updated, normally you can easily update or install php 5.3 directly from repository, but unfortunately there are a few scripts that require an older version of php installed, this is tricky when there

How to install APF Firewall and DDoS Deflate protection

Firewall support

About APF firewall APF Firewall stands for Advance Policy Firewall, exactly as it name, it is script that contains a certain set of firewall rules. These rules are all being saved inside the folder /etc/apf/ directory and can be changed using any editor. This script is one of the best firewall scripts that I’ve used

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