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Install memcached daemon / Install memcached extension using pecl

A little about Memcached Memcached is a service that allows you to store in memory key-value data like strings or objects, from results like databases queries, API calls and drastically accelerating queries and reducing the load on your server. Memcached is being used by major websites like Youtube, Twitter, Digg, WordPress.com and many many more.

Load javascript files asynchronously

Cloudflare CDN

As I have already gotten you used to, today I came back with a new tip to speed up your website when using a lot of inline or external JavaScript files on your website. As you know the browser will try to download each resources in the exact same order they were written, but what

Clear DNS cache

Web hosting servers

Why clear the local dns cache ? If you just registered a domain or changed a record on your domain name, you need to either wait for the dns cache to clear itself or clear your local cache to get a new name resolution. To clear your DNS cache in Microsoft Windows (Win XP, Win

Random background image on website

Background image using css, php and javascript

How do you make random background image on website I got this idea of article from good friend Craig, the idea itself is really cool, especially if you want to make your website more dynamic for your visitors. However, you should keep in mind that for a website, the background should not take the first attention,

How to check and create php session variables

How to check and create php session variable In this article I’m going to show you some simple things to work with sessions in php, these are mostly used to store information about your users, like usernames, choices selected by users and similar, these however are stored on the server and deleted once the user

How to increase joomla slow speed using browser cache


How to increase Joomla slow speed using the browser cache As the name implies, I’m going to show you a nice way to increase joomla slow speed by adding browser cache to your website. I already said in my other articles, mainly how to fix prestashop slow load, by making use of the user browser

Reverse cache proxy using squid proxy

Reverse cache proxy using squid proxy If you came here looking for a reverse cache proxy, then you probably already heard of squid proxy. As it name is, this is entirely designed as a proxy, however this does not mean it can’t be used as a reverse proxy or frontend proxy. Reverse proxy is a

Reduce bounce rate in Google Analytics

Google Analytics

Reduce bounce rate in Google Analytics For those who do not know yet, the bounce rate is a term used in web traffic analysis and it refers to users to enter your site and then “bounce” ( or leave the site). Bounce happens when a user is usually visiting only a single page and and then

How to create SPF records for your domain

How to create SPF records for emails Email reliability is something every user, every business owner wants to have. But what they don’t know is what can they do to have a reliable send policy. Here is where the SPF (sender policy framework) records come in. A SPF record is a type of DNS record

How to update wordpress robots.txt

How to update wordpress robots.txt Using Google Webmaster Tools or Bing Webmaster Tools you can check if the google bot is able to read your website or if it is disallowed. For some reasons I was having issues with my site a few days ago where my sitemap was not loaded properly by the crawler,

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