Install flvtool2, mediainfo and neroAacEnc on centos x86_64

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Install flvtool2, mediainfo and neroAacEnc on centos x86_64

A client has requested a few days ago to have the binaries flvtool2, mediainfo and neroAacEnc installed on his dedicated server, well the first two of them were easy to install since these support centos x86_64¬†by default, and since the dedicated server has lots of ram there, it needed to be a 64 bits for it to read all its ram. The issue came across was that NeroAacEnc was a bit more restricted as in was developed to run only on 32 bits linux system. Have had a bit of a headache since I thought for sure that libs for 32 bits have already been installed, but was actually wrong. In any case, in this article I’m going to show you a nice little way to install Install flvtool2, mediainfo and neroAacEnc on centos x86_64, even with the limitation of the 32 bits on the last one.

We will start first with flvtool2

It seems like for this you need to install ruby, well in my case the client requested cpanel to be installed so it was easy to have ruby installed by running:


But you can also manually install ruby from yum following the bellow commands:

I could go on to explain all these, but should be straight forward, basically you install ruby and some system dependencies if you don’t have them already, next install ruby-rdoc and ruby-devel and some ruby dependencies. Finally install the gems, update gems and install rails.

Now after we have ruby installed, we begin the FLVTool2 installation:

 Installing mediainfo on centos x86_64

I found that this one was the easiest, just needed to download the rpm’s from original website and install them on your system

 Installing neroAacEnc on centos x86_64

This one was the trickiest here, this one particular tool has direct support for 32 bits only:

Well lets start installing it first:

Unfortunately on 64 bits system you will have the following error:

Solutions for this is to install the 32 bits lib for it to work, this can be done on centos x86_64 using the following command:

Result would be:

So it is working now on 64 bits system also.

That is all, don’t forget to share and comment if you want to add something here.

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