Server configuration and optimization. You will also find here tutorials and fixes on certain errors we’ve personally found!

How to choose a hosting service for wordpress

How to choose a hosting service for wordpress Not long ago I was in the position to optimize and also manage a server for a high traffic website running wordpress. Now all of you who knows what wordpress is, knows that it is in the top blogging scripts, if not the best one.However it comes

How to create a cronjob cPanel backup

How to fix mysql server has gone away error

There is no better time to create backups, well at least that’s what I personally think. Backups are important, expecially if these are databases. In this article I’m going to explain how you can create automatic backups using cPanel Cronjobs. So let’s get started, first go into your cPanel account in section mysql databases and

Fcgid settings for a shared environment in cPanel

Fcgid is known to use lots of ram due its way of keeping process alive even after the request is resolved. To make sure your server is kept in rails, you need to use certain limits or settings to keep everything under control. These are my current settings for now:

Web performance with Varnish cache – web accelerator

I started working recently with Varnish cache, and the performance with this web accelerator is has exceeded my expectation. How does Varnish cache work and why is this fast ? Varnish cache uses the RAM memory allocated to cache the website resources and not storing them in files. This way the speed to serve the

How to redirect http:// to http://www

How to redirect http:// to http://www Some people will want to keep their website on or only. This can be done easily using. Htaccess and lines of code below.

Redirect multiple domains (addon domains) to one domain name Many people when registering a domain, they will probably register it on more extensions.

How to reset the mysql root password

You can reset the root password for your mysql server if you lost the password and no longer remember. Even I happened to forget my password and do not remember it, and I had some pretty major databases … Mysql server under windows In command prompt (start->run->CMD) navigate to your “bin” folder of your mysql

How to create a database using cPanel [video]

How to fix mysql server has gone away error

Databases are used by many scripts to store a lot of information simply and easily. Instead of using thousands of files, a script can use a single database with multiple tables. Creating the database using cPanel 1. Login to your cPanel account 2. Click on MySQL Databases 3. On Create New Database, write your new

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