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Top 5 web servers software from 2013

What are web servers? When people refer to web servers, they usually point to a computer hardware or software, in most cases they mean both. A web server is intended to be used to serve a website content and to host these websites. For instance, any website you visit, including this one, is being hosted

Debug your mail server using exigrep for Exim main log

exim mail server

About Exim mail server Exim is one of the most used message transfer agent (MTA) on the internet, it is being used by cPanel since as long I can remember and has been giving tremendous support and reliability so far. Exim is actively supported by the University of Cambridge, currently is at version 4.80.1 and

Setup a proxy server using squid

squid reverse proxy

Setup a proxy server using squid I have written a few articles about how you can create a reverse proxy server for a backend web server and minimize impact on attacks or even on security. This time however I thought of showing you how you can install a proxy server (just a proxy) and secure

How to install MongoDB on CentOS

mongodb logo

About MongoDB MongoDB is one of the leading noSQL database based on the number of searches google trend has given us, you can see below this paragraph the proof. Its development began in 2007 I believe by the company (named at the time) 10Gen. Since then, it has grown a lot, being the most used

How to install node.js on Debian and CentOS linux

How to install node.js on Debian and CentOS What is node.js? From their website, node.js is a platform built on Google Chrome JavaScript runtime for building fast and scalable network application. I did however seen lots of users still thinking they can install this on a shared hosting service, and here I am confirming that

Nginx block sql injection and file injection

Nginx block sql injection and file injection Currently most hackers are looking for two major things when trying to hack a website, they are testing if its possible to inject their own sql queries for reading the actual database for other information, but also testing for file injection, and this is a major security that

Remote mysql connection using cPanel and VPS server

What is a remote mysql connection? Have you ever thought that you could use the web server in one place and the mysql server in a different place? It is possible, this is usually done to split the server resources, so that your database server is used separately than your other web server. Normally mysql

Reverse proxy and cache server using nginx

reverse proxy

Why using Nginx web server? Some of you will have this question, but others will feel this is the right thing to do. Well either way, I recommend using Nginx as a reverse proxy due to its scalability and performance. Nginx is being used to power up Cloudflare network, so this has been massively tested

How to install nginx web server on CentOS or Debian

NGINX logo

How to install nginx web server on CentOS or Debian Nginx is one of the best web servers available on the internet, Cloudflare is using it to power up all their CDN servers, caching it, compressing data and speeding your website. For those who do not know, it can be used as a standalone server

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