Web performance with Varnish cache – web accelerator

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I started working recently with Varnish cache, and the performance with this web accelerator is has exceeded my expectation.

How does Varnish cache work and why is this fast ?

Varnish cache uses the RAM memory allocated to cache the website resources and not storing them in files.

This way the speed to serve the client while requesting a resource is much faster then Nginx or Squid. I’m not saying that Nginx or Squid are not good as a reverse proxy or web accelerator, but Varnish cache was design just for caching, speed and stability of your web server.

Varnish configuration is pretty simple, a doc can be found at:


I’ll probably come back later with a tutorial on installing and setting a basic configuration.

Until then …

Later edit:

As promised, bellow is a link to our tutorial:

How to install Varnish cache


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