PHP is the server side programming language used by a lot of developers around the globe. It is also a general purpose programming language.

How to fix mysql server has gone away error

How to fix mysql server has gone away error

How to fix mysql server has gone away error Today I thought about right something about this particular error which pops up in certain specific cases Mysql server has gone away I’ve seen this a couple of times on some of my clients and they all thought that this issue was a direct cause of

PHP mysql_real_escape_string example

mysql feature

PHP mysql_real_escape_string example PHP mysql_real_escape_string is a measure to prevent hackers from attacking your mysql database and leaking out specific information. Normally account level information that would then be used further in their attack and hacking your website completely. There are other PHP functions that could be used to prevent XSS attacks or sql injections,

The best PHP CMS Framework comparison

PHP Frameworks trends search

The best PHP CMS Framework comparison Lets say you are thinking of starting a project, an e-commerce project at that. Probably want to sell some products or services online, doesn’t really matter, but will involve having a billing account of some sort and ability to capture payments directly online. Sounds really fun right? Now, most of

PHP math operations and operators


PHP math operations and operators PHP is a very powerful language that can help you to perform mathematical operations really easy. Math expressions are made up of operators and operands. You can perform easy operations like adding, subtracting, multiplying or dividing with PHP. Even comparison operators can be used with this language (greater than, less

PHP Currency converter tutorial

Currency converter tutorial

PHP Currency converter tutorial This post will be a php currency converter tutorial where I’ll be showing you what I did in a few minutes based on the XML received directly from ECB (European Central Bank). The idea itself is simple and can be used in any projects you own / have. It can of

5 of the best PHP IDE for programming

5 of the best PHP IDE for programming What are the best PHP IDE? What does IDE stands for? IDE refers to a software that provides a programmer comprehensive features to and tools to ease their work. An IDE or interactive development environment normally offers the programmer a source code editor, a build automation tools and a debugger.

Install phpmyadmin mcrypt error

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About phpmyadmin A little bit of phpmyadmin, this is an open source php script designed specifically to manage Mysql server over the web. It is also supporting MariaDB or Drizzle database server and has a wide range of operation that can be done directly from the web. It provides support for: browse and drop databases, tables,

Hash encryption methods using php

php encryption using php

LE 31 October: Thank you Fanis! Hashing methods using php Hashing is the basic of them all when it comes to security, in basic scripting md5 is the easiest basic method of hasing. A lot of developers use this for basic protection, including wordpress developers for their passwords. I confirmed this today when a client of mine

MongoDB PHP Tutorial

mongodb php tutorial

MongoDB PHP Tutorial I’ve been thinking that a tutorial about using MongoDB with PHP would be needed, a few days ago I went and showed you how to install MongoDB and also to get the php extension for MongoDB installed. So in this article I’m going with a MongoDB php tutorial and trying to get

How to use memcached with php

How to use memcached with php A few months a go I showed you how you can install the memcached server and also how to get the php extension installed, but never did showed you how you can use it, right? There are a number of cases where you would use this, be it to

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