Install phpmyadmin mcrypt error

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About phpmyadmin

A little bit of phpmyadmin, this is an open source php script designed specifically to manage Mysql server over the web. It is also supporting MariaDB or Drizzle database server and has a wide range of operation that can be done directly from the web. It provides support for:

  • browse and drop databases, tables, views, fields and indexes
  • create, copy, drop, rename and alter databases, tables, fields and indexes
  • manage MySQL users and privileges and manage stored procedures and triggers

It also provides the option to import data from CSV or SQL files or exporting data in CSV, SQL, XML, PDF and others.

All in all, this is a fantastic tool for managing a database server from the web.

Install phpmyadmin

PHPMyadmin is really similar to any php script out there. Anyway, after downloading the script from, you need to upload the contents of phpmyadmin to your web server. Then you only need to rename the file:


After this is completed, for security reasons you should change the blowfish secret key, open and change the line:

to something like:

A random string there would be needed.

Afterwards you can load the page where phpmyadmin was installed and it should load properly.

PHPMyadmin mcrypt error

There are cases when you do not have the proper extensions installed, in most cases this has something to do with mcrypt and mbstring extension. In my tutorials where I’ve showed you how to install php, mysql and apache, I normally add the mcrypt extension also, while mbstring should be installed along with php, but some of you may still have this issue if you only installed php extensions that you strictly need.

Anyway if you find one of the below errors:


first thing to do is to check if you really do not have these extensions. You can easily do this by using:

If using either the above commands does not get you any output, then you are really missing the php extensions.

Install mcrypt extensions

  • Ubuntu / Debian

  • Centos / Fedora

Then install php-mcrypt extension

And that would be it for the mcrypt extension.

I do however recommend going through the process and get every extension, generally needed, for any script that you may use. Consider reading the article I mentioned above to install php and php extension needed.

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