PHP is the server side programming language used by a lot of developers around the globe. It is also a general purpose programming language.

How to query DNS records using PHP

dns records

How to query DNS records using PHP DNS records are meant to be stored on a DNS server, using these servers you can easily get specific DNS records for your own application, apply specific limits or the like. In my license degree I remembered making a similar cross-platform app that would debug a domain DNS

How to use PHP namespaces


PHP namespaces Before we dig in into namespaces, we have to understand what they are, and how they are used. A simple analogy can be made between PHP namespaces and a filesystem. They work quite the same and apply the same principle. Imagine the following directory structure:

Everything clear. You have a “foo.txt” file in the

Get country IP address in php

php code

Get country IP address in php I was checking around stackoverflow recently and I tend to look at what people are doing or making and getting what I know refreshed or trying to learn new tricks from here and there. Today I saw one user trying to get country IP address in php and I

Let’s laugh a bit…

You all know how programming can be boring and time consuming sometimes, so why don’t we explore the fun part of it today ? I saw in the past an article about something like “the funniest comments in the code that you encountered” or something similar, and I told myself “hey, this could be a

Using LESS for CSS


Using LESS for CSS As I have said in my past articles, we live in a world where rapid development of web applications is an important factor. We need to be able to construct big things in short amount of time. This is why, we need to learn to use tools that helps us obtain

Build multilanguage websites with gettext

Multilanguage Website

Build multilanguage websites with gettext Have you ever tried to build a multilanguage website using php ? Whether you did it or not, you should know that this thing requires some thinking before you start coding. I will present you a very simple, fast and scalable solution for this. What is gettext ? Gettext is a

Tips for a clean programming code

clean code

Tips for a clean programming code Everyone of us hates when we have to work on another person’s project and the code is written bad. When you start a project you need to have in mind that, maybe, someone will work on it too, so if you will write bad code, that person will make

PHP classes and objects


PHP classes and objects Few days ago I had a talk with a few friends of mine about this topic, and I saw that some people are still misunderstanding the OOP paradigm in programming. So I want to clarify a few things in this article. What is OOP ? OOP stands for Object Oriented Programming and

Using Cookies in PHP


Using Cookies in PHP Hi everyone, at the time this article was written, I was very hungry, and yeah … this is pretty much the place where the inspiration begins. So let’s cut to the serious things now and let me show you really quick how is using cookies in php. What are cookies ? Cookies

Getting title, excerpt, category outside loop in wordpress

wordpress logo

Getting title, excerpt, category outside loop in wordpress When developing your own template, I found that in some cases it is best not relying on the wordpress loop for getting information related to a specific post in our database. In some case, we just need information for just one article, so its a hassle if

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