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Programming jokes


Programming jokes A few months ago I wrote an article about funny comments encountered in different applications taken from the web. The holidays are coming so it is time to have more fun and relax a bit. Let’s spend some time on an article about programming jokes. These are all found over the internet, and

jQuery DOM manipulation methods


jQuery DOM manipulation methods In today’s tutorial we will learn how to manipulate DOM elements. We can add elements one after another, replace one element with another one, get properties such as width or height or remove completely elements from the DOM. A few of these methods — such as .attr(), .html(), and .val() — also act as “getters”,

Let’s laugh a bit…

You all know how programming can be boring and time consuming sometimes, so why don’t we explore the fun part of it today ? I saw in the past an article about something like “the funniest comments in the code that you encountered” or something similar, and I told myself “hey, this could be a

PHP classes and objects


PHP classes and objects Few days ago I had a talk with a few friends of mine about this topic, and I saw that some people are still misunderstanding the OOP paradigm in programming. So I want to clarify a few things in this article. What is OOP ? OOP stands for Object Oriented Programming and

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