Basic html / css programming. Everything you need to know about html /css is here!

6 free mobile device emulators for testing your app


6 free mobile device emulators for testing your app If you made at least one website that was responsive, you certainly know how important these tools are. Here is a list with helpful websites in which I tested my apps during and after development. This is NOT a top, just a list. 1) Responsinator Responsinator

Let’s laugh a bit…

You all know how programming can be boring and time consuming sometimes, so why don’t we explore the fun part of it today ? I saw in the past an article about something like “the funniest comments in the code that you encountered” or something similar, and I told myself “hey, this could be a

CSS Pseudo-classes

CSS before and after

CSS Pseudo-classes You heard about these things in the past, right? So what are these classes that we are talking about? Pseudo classes are structures that are used to specify a state of the selector. They are used in the next format: selector:pseudoClass { property: value; }, simply with a colon in between the selector and the pseudo class.

8 of the most common html validation mistakes


8 of the most common html validation mistakes. One of the most ignored thing when writing code, is that the developer checks the output of the website from the browser, and it is not giving any attention to html validations. A well written website should have a good html validation. What is html validation ?

Syntax Highlighting for your website

google prettify

Syntax Highlighting for your website You have let’s say a blog, like this one you are reading right now, and you will post code snippets on it. You want your readers to see that clear and highlighted not just plain text because is hard to read for the eye of a programmer. Google code pretify.

Using LESS for CSS


Using LESS for CSS As I have said in my past articles, we live in a world where rapid development of web applications is an important factor. We need to be able to construct big things in short amount of time. This is why, we need to learn to use tools that helps us obtain

Build responsive websites with foundation from ZURB


Build responsive websites with foundation from ZURB Mobile platform is rising in these days. More and more users are adopting these platforms for usage or development. We live in a world where speed is important, and we connect from our mobile phone to solve problems that we normally do from a desktop machine. In this

Building web apps with Phonegap.

Building web apps with Phonegap. Because the mobile platforms expanded a lot in the last years, people started switching programming languages in order to be hired. This is a problem that can be partially solved with the next thing I will present to you, and you will see why I use the word “partially”. The

Internet Explorer text-shadow with jQuery

Internet Explorer text-shadow with jQuery. Hi everyone. Today I will present you a solution to a common web development headache. We will learn how to generate text shadows with jquery and get rid of all the ugly Internet Explorer related css declarations for the same purpose. The old Internet Explorer problem. As we all know,

Html5 autocomplete

Datalist html5 autocomplete tag Last days we talked about the _renderItem method of the jQuery autocomplete, which was an advanced solution for creating complex autocomplete with images, lists and other things in it. The feedback that I received from the reading users was good, but something was missing still. People who wanted a basic autocomplete

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