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jQuery css methods


The jQuery library supports almost all of the selectors included in CSS 1, 2 and 3. When using jQuery, the developers can built websites without carring too much about the browser, because jQuery supports also older versions of Internet Explorer (Be careful, because jQuery 2.0 doesn’t support anymore IE 6, 7 or 8.  This can

CSS Pseudo-classes

CSS before and after

CSS Pseudo-classes You heard about these things in the past, right? So what are these classes that we are talking about? Pseudo classes are structures that are used to specify a state of the selector. They are used in the next format: selector:pseudoClass { property: value; }, simply with a colon in between the selector and the pseudo class.

Using LESS for CSS


Using LESS for CSS As I have said in my past articles, we live in a world where rapid development of web applications is an important factor. We need to be able to construct big things in short amount of time. This is why, we need to learn to use tools that helps us obtain

Internet Explorer text-shadow with jQuery

Internet Explorer text-shadow with jQuery. Hi everyone. Today I will present you a solution to a common web development headache. We will learn how to generate text shadows with jquery and get rid of all the ugly Internet Explorer related css declarations for the same purpose. The old Internet Explorer problem. As we all know,

Position relative on td table element ?

Position relative on td table element ? Back in the past when tables were fashionable when building websites, I had some problems with the following thing. I wanted to place a span in absolute position within a “<td>” that had position:relative. Everything was clear in my mind back then, you know…I give relative position to the

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