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How to start your own blog

How to start your own blog I’ve been writing for some time now, with breaks between work and university stuff, but since I finished my master degree now I’ve been focusing more on my little blog here. Today I’m going to write about how you can start your own blog in just a matter of

WordPress new media manager

The wordpress new media manager in wordpress Today, 12 December 2012, wordpress has lunched a new update to version 3.5 titled after jazz drummer Elvin Jones. It includes a lot of new fixes and also a new, more good looking media manager. I’m still playing around with it, but looks much much more better and and feels

How to fix the 404 errors in wordpress

Learn how to fix the 404 errors in wordpress

How to fix the 404 errors in wordpress When moving website to one server to another, or reverting back from a backup, it will happen for you to encounter 404 errors due the the fact that the .htaccess file is missing, the one that contains the rewrite rules for your permalinks settings. So how to

Starting english version

Hey there to whoever happens to read my articles, been a long time since I last made one too so this is like starting over. I thought about it for a while now that I should write my articles in English, rather then my native language,I believe that I would have much more success this

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