WordPress new media manager

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The wordpress new media manager in wordpress

Today, 12 December 2012, wordpress has lunched a new update to version 3.5 titled after jazz drummer Elvin Jones.

It includes a lot of new fixes and also a new, more good looking media manager.

I’m still playing around with it, but looks much much more better and and feels more professional this way.

A few screenshots are bellow:

New media manager WordPress


and the gallery manager also looks much better now!

New gallery media manager

New gallery media manager

It is much more freely now for us to create simple galleries just by dragging the images, we can check the images we want to insert directly in a post, thus allowing us to insert more then one image at a time.

A new default theme has been created and release, along with better admin display (Retina-Ready (HiDPI)), not entire sure about this last particular feature, except for the buttons everything looks normal, but I just starting playing with it so I will see more on the run.

All in all, wordpress has gone and gave us a new feature for us to use!

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