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Working with Entities in Symfony2

Working with Entities in Symfony2 Symfony is a very powerfull PHP framework that helps you do amazing projects in small amount of time. It has built in support for Doctrine which is an incredible tool for interacting with databases, not through tables but through php objects. First let’s see what is an ORM and after that

The controller for URI is not callable in symfony


The controller for URI is not callable in symfony This is a very common error for symfony starters, and it happened to me also when I first tried the framework, so you have to follow two steps in order to debug this: First check First step is to make sure that your controller is actually

jQuery DOM Attributes tutorial


jQuery DOM Attributes In the previous chapters we talked about jquery selectors and we learned that they are coming from css world. We selected elements that were available in the DOM that can be manipulated in all kinds of ways. In this tutorial we will go further and we will talk about DOM attributes. We can manipulate

5 of the best PHP frameworks for programmers

MVC PHP frameworks

A bit about php frameworks This is a topic that is not very well understood  by people who jump into development pool. PHP frameworks help to promote rapid application development, which saves you time, helps build more stable applications, and reduces the amount of repetitive coding for developers. Frameworks can also help beginners to build more

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