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New feature cache options for Incapsula CDN

Incapsula Service

Cache options for Incapsula CDN I do write a few articles about website optimizations, how you can speed your website and run it faster, in most cases you can be ok using just normal browser cache, but some websites with lots of resources that needs downloaded at each visit its best to pass them through

Incapsula CDN network

Incapsula Service

Incapsula CDN network As you probably have noticed, I’m doing some bit of articles on website optimization and tips for speeding your website. All these are really based on my tests using this website. I wrote before an article on which is the best cdn network available at this time, well there is one more

The best CDN network

CDN network

The best CDN network The day before yesterday I tested 3 major CDN networks to see how all these handle the traffic on my website and as well as optimizing my website to load it faster. I then came with the conclusion that not all CDN networks are best for all websites, it really depends

MaxCDN API and CDN platform

A few months ago I started looking for a reliable CDN provider that would allow me to reduce some of my websites load time. While I tested multiple CDN providers, I was left with MaxCDN or Cloudflare, the later would have been the free version. Both of them are really good, I thought I could

How to optimize and speed up your wordpress blog

How to optimize and speed up your wordpress blog Search engine optimization is a hard work, you almost always need to work on your website and renewing your website content. In all this, an important fact is the website speed load. It is known that a user will not wait for a website to load

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