Who are the top search engines?

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Who are the top search engines?

I just had to write this article about who’s the top search engine at the moment since just yesterday I was researching about the search engines and how to submit my blog to them. I stumble then on 4 major search engine websites, alexa.com also confirms them on the top websites in the world.

1. Google search engine, the most popular search engine around the world!

First is the well known giant Google, which is at the current time, the best and most popular search engine in the world and has been there since the launch in the year of 1998 (I think I was in school at the time …). According to Alexa.com, Google is the 2nd most visited website around the world after Facebook. Google has been developing new advanced ways to generate relevant traffic for all our websites, this includes video and image search engines, as well as relying on the new social Google+ to gather more relevant content based on each individual.

2. Yahoo search engine, 2nd most popular visited search engine website

Yahoo was founded in 1994, they started the search engine in 2002 and became one of the best search engine globally. Currently Yahoo retains for some years now the 4th place in Alexa.com for the most visited websites around the world. At the moment though, Yahoo’s search engine is using another product, Bing. Yahoo is at the moment the 2nd most visited search engine according to the statistics on search engines.

3. Baidu search engine, 3rd most popular visited search engine website

Baidu was found in year 2000, a Chinese language search engine that dominated in 2007 the ad market and now is currently the 5th most visited website according to Alexa.com. What I find really interesting is that it has more visitors then the search engine Bing which is powering Yahoo search engine. Baidu offers similar services to Google, like Baidu Map, News, video and image search and many more.

4. Bing Search engine, 4th  most popular search engine website

Bing was launched in 2009 by Microsoft under different names, was once Live search, then Windows search and currently, this has now changed to Bing. Over the years it would seem Bing has increased its traffic, was once at 24th place in Alexa.com and now currently is at 16th place in Alexa.com. Probably over the years we will see another increase, however at the current time, Bing still is the 4th most popular search Engine.

That’s about it, there are others like ask.com, AOL, AltaVista and others, however the 4 giants are the one mentioned above.

The big fight however appears to be with Google and Bing (Google and Microsoft), although from my experience, Google far surpasses Bing for some reasons. I started this website almost a year back now, I’ve added SEO on it, used Google and Bing webmaster tools to optimize my website, however it would seem that 95% of all my visits come from Google search, and Bing is not even close to being seen in my Google Analytic statistics.

I’m still researching at the moment if I’m doing something wrong, but I do believe that it is just the power of Google at this point, looking forward for any comments on this, I would really appreciate any advises on optimizing further for Bing for this website.

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