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Install Lighttpd web server, mysql 5.5 and PHP

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Install Lighttpd web server on linux I’ve wrote a few days back an article about the top web servers on the internet of 2013, Lighttpd was put in last place there, however it is not necessary the last one in the top if you’ve read my article, also there are other web servers out there

Install mysql server 5.5 on Debian and CentOS 5 and CentOS 6

Mysql_real_escape example

Install mysql server 5.5 on linux Mysql is the most broadly used database management system on the internet, I’m not entirely sure an exact percent usage, but I’m pretty sure it is the most used one. Compared to previous versions, mysql 5.5 has better multi-core scalability, better IO for Inodb, default storage has now been set

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