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Request an article

Here at we try to add one article or tutorial each day, sometimes two per day. However there are times when we have just need to know if we explained or covered the section properly. That’s what the comments section is for and so far people did indeed helped making each tutorial and article, where needed, a success.

Now its time to go further, we want to know what you, our visitor would like to find.

What would you be interested to see how its done or what is it that you wish to have on our website?

On this page you have a form that you can submit to us with requests or ideas of what you would like to see on our site. We are really open in this section and if it falls in our categories of tutorials and tips, we will for sure honor the request.

However for us to be able to understand your request or ideas, please be as specific as possible, You can include a link where we can see an example of what you need if you believe its needed.

This form is scanned already for spam, so try to avoid any needles emails promoting god knows what, I won’t get them anyway..

Looking forward to hearing from you,

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