Preload not working in wp-super-cache

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Preload not working in wp-super-cache

I was working a few days back when I fixed my cached plugin and I mentioned the option from wp-super-cache that I noticed (yeah, just then noticed), called preload. What it actually does it generates a cached page for each of your posts, categories, tags etc.  This can come in handy for small websites which won’t be having lots of hits to generate the cached pages on the fly.

Now I was looking at my google analytics for my website and I noticed one user came into my website for a search term “preload not working”. I remember I did had the exact same thing after playing a bit with preload, and I found that preload relies directly on the wp-cron.php being enabled. In one of my wordpress optimization articles I wrote about how to disable wp cron and why it is best left disabled.

So why exactly doesn’t preload working ? Since I specifically mentioned about the wp cron, it should not be that hard to figure it out, yes, you need to allow wp cron to work for preload on wp-super-cache to do its job.

To do this, just remove the line from wp-config.php which you probably added it manually:

And that would be all, sure hope the person who was looking for this noticed about the wp-cron file. Well for anyone else having this issue, I hope this is the fix for you.

  • tsolias30

    Hello! Nice article! I have this problem with Preload, not sure you can help! Preload is working for me but it does not preload all of my pages. I only have 70 pages right now and it generates about 56-58 of them. What i have noticed is that if i press preload button again it generates more pages and i will have to re-press 3 or 4 times for all my pages to be preload! Any idea what might be causing this? Does this have to do with Wp-cron? Thanks!

    • I don’t believe this to be the case, since it does more than half your pages, means that something is happening around one of those pages, an error or similar. Probably a php setting limitation you are hitting, preload is a php script that needs to run in background.

      Try to add to your wp-config.php the lines:

      Then hit preload again while starting from scratch, then check the content of the file:


      You will find many warnings and errors happening on your site there. I really hope you solve this and let us all know if this worked.

      Good luck!

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