New mobile theme available

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New mobile theme available

Yes, exactly like how i said, today a new mobile theme design has been received for all those using WP Touch wordpress plugin. First impression however is that we, free users, have fewer options, however we also have a new theme design, based on Foundation, similar to one of the PRO themes. It had some issues with my magnification plugin, but had a workaround and fixed it easily.

Demo mobile website

I’m now happy to let all of you know that the theme is much better, more professional.

For those who are using a desktop computer now, they may not see the difference, but here is a screenshot how it is:

  • Mobile Home page
mobile home page

Mobile Home page

  • Single post page
mobile post single

mobile post single

If you want to have a similar one, you can get the plugin below:

Keep in mind that if you are using a minify plugin, you may see some issues with this new plugin, so you should test things before going live.

As for a minify plugin, I recommend using AssetsMinify, you can get it below:

What’s new?

Hmm I did said that we now have fewer settings, however this is the result of a remake actually, we have new design, new features and new HTML5 accelerations. From what I liked, is the slider and the new slick menu.

Keep in mind we do have the option to use jquery 2.0 which is faster for mobile devices, however, has some issues when combining the javascript files. The rest I believe are pretty standard stuff that we’ve had / used in the earlier version, like branding, menu settings, icons, sharing settings and more.

I’ve posted a link to test the demo version, check it if you are interested!

That’s all for today, see you tomorrow with some new things.

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