Mysql sample configuration for InnoDB 4GB ram

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This particular mysql sample configuration file is for large server setup with heavy queries, you need at least 4GB ram, specifically for InnoDB only with few connections.

  • Hello;

    I am runing 4 wordpress sites on my server. will this work

    • Its hard to tell, run mysqltunner to see how it goes after 24 hours of setting the my.cnf. Just don’t increase the settings too much …

      • I am trying it now, will see how things unfold. currently my 4GB RAM is been used up even my SWAP

        • Then most likely this will not be the best thing to do. You should see why it uses swap and optimize the server. Using swap is bad.

          • Your configuration prompts me to INSTALL wordpress why?

          • what are you talking about !?

          • after i edit my my.cnf to yours and visit any of my wordpress site i will be directe to

          • Well perhaps you were using a different datadir before so no mysql databases exist currently. Unless perhaps your mysql service is offline.

            Its really hard for me to know, I don’t know your setup, the config above should be taken as a referrence, not as a copy / paste. No SyS Admin should ever just copy paste setups on the internet, they should only take the things needed / updated based on their requirements. You also said that your ram is being used and even swap, that doesn’t sound good at all. I would kindly advise you to consider to hire a sysadmin.

          • Hello,

            I made the necessary changes, sometimes it fails to start. Getting a system admin would be very costly.

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