Making a new cpanel plugin

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Making a new cpanel plugin

I’ve been really busy these last two weeks, have had some issues with some of my clients that were kinda abusing some of the server resources and have been diving my head a bit more into nginx webserver. In these last two weeks I have also managed to finally to set a server in my local country to serve as a cdn-like cache server for my clients. For those who do not know, I keep my dedicated server in a different country due to personal and business related reasons, as such, the peering is slightly slower then when you visit a website in your own country right?

So one my friends gave me the idea to make the cdn-like cache server to serve content faster through a server from my country.

Well basically that was the purpose of this new cpanel plugin, because not all clients need this option, and instead of forcing them to use this, I just had them the option to enable this directly on their domain DNS. A quick image of how it looks is bellow:

CDN using nginx - Cpanel plugin

CDN using nginx – Cpanel plugin

Now I won’t really go into details on how I made my little plugin for cpanel, but will start posting tips and tricks about how you can do something similar. I don’t like giving my work for free to just anyone, although I do generally help a lot people without gaining anything in return.

So subscribing to this website will most likely give you at least some ideas of how to handle some part of your projects.

Oh by the way, I don’t believe you guys noticed, but we have a new category called Snippets, the quick tips and tricks I mentioned earlier will be posted there. That section will be a gold mine if you think it on the long run, it will have a lot of quick tips for different cases in multiple programming languages. I’m also thinking of porting each and every quick tip in most of the programming languages I currently know

… and there are few…

Anyways, this was my excuse for the tardiness and the heads up for the coming articles and tips I’m planning to give you, my visitors, so don’t forget to subscribe and follow this website using RSS or Email subscription.


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