How to view device information about your hardware on linux

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How to view device information about your hardware on linux

Some of us will want to view the hardware information in a system without really taking the system apart and checking each component at a time. On linux you normally have a lot of options, normally structured based on exactly the things you need.

For instance, you wish to get the information from your computer CPU, this is really easily done via command:

This will give you a nice little output with each CPU core information, similar to:

In the above example I included only the last CPU core information, but all others have similar info.

The next one would the memory usage information. This one is a bit tricky, most users do not understand that the values here are usually with buffered/cached values included.

The command for this is:

The output would be similar to:

In a unix based OS you normally do not know, but you are using almost all your ram constantly. However the difference here is that most of it is used as buffered/cached ram. The actual ram I’m using at the moment 5644MB, and 2762MB is being cached.

To see how much disk space usage you currently have you can use:

The output of the command (you run it as *root*) is:

You can also see the aproximate usage of each mount point by using command:

This will similar to:

To list all your PCI devices you just need to run the command:

The same would be for USB devices:

These would get you similar output as bellow:

I hope this article helped someone, I was thinking last night that I wanted to get some information about my laptop and thought I should write about this.

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