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What is for domains?

If you remember the old times where had a free version of Google Apps for domains, then you would probably understand faster if I say this is a similar free version of that, only this is managed by Microsoft mail server, to be exact. and Google apps for domains are two of the best mail service provider on the internet, of course there are a few more services out there, but that’s not the point here. In this tutorial I’m going to write a bit about how to use for domains and setup your mail service directly with

Getting signup for

This is the first step and is really easy, first you need to signup for their service and add your own domain name there.

I’m going to use on the course of this whole tutorial.

Get started for domains

Get started for domains

Next you need to sign into your account or create a new account right now. This account will be used as a domain administrator. In my case I choose to sign in as I already have an account.

LATER UPDATE! You need to choose “Set up for my domain” to enable the mail service, it can be enabled at a later time too.

Assign an administrator

Assign an administrator

Right after this you need to enter a security captcha code to prevent spam abuse and you will be sent to a page with a few DNS settings. You can find bellow an example of DNS settings that you need to use, keep in mind yours are different:

After you’ve set this records, hit the refresh button above these records and it should update you:

Refresh dns settings

Refresh dns settings


Creating email accounts on for domains

After you’re done setting the DNS records and proving ownership over your domain, you can start creating email accounts. Go to:

  • Members accounts

Here click the Add button and complete the account details. Use a test password, as you will have to change it anyway when you login!

Create email account on for domains

Create email account on for domains

You will then see your own email there that you just created, in my case it will be [email protected]

After you’re done creating your emails, you can either create new emails accounts or start using them. To use your new email, you need to login here to your new email account:

and on the top menu click on the Mail link. It will take you to a login form and using your new email (my case [email protected]) and test password you set you can login there

You will be asked to enter some simple / default information about yourself (I know it will be boring, but bare with me). as well as changing the current test password you set before!

The end result will be:

inbox for domains

Inbox for domains

That’s it for now and see you in our next article!

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