How to install plugins in MyBB

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A few days back I wrote an article on how to install MyBB forum, however, now I will explain how to install plugins in MyBB step by step.

The plugins can be downloaded from any place you like, however I would really recommend using the main website as these are tested/verified by the developer team.

For a complete list of modifications that you can add, please see:

How to install plugins in MyBB

Steps to install the modifcations:

  1. Download the modification / plugin from the above URL or from your own URL.
    Download plugins for MyBB
  2. Extract the content of the file downloaded, normally it’s a .zip file then look for a “readme” text file. Usually developers write readme files to explain the process of installing their modification. You need to follow these exactly as it is!
  3. Next use a FTP client like Filezilla or your control panel Filemanager to upload the content of the zip file inside the “inc/plugins” folder.NOTE: Please make sure that the folder structure is the same, for example in the zip file, you could already find the folder “inc/plugins/PLUGIN_NAME/“, only the “PLUGIN_NAME” file or folder need to be uploaded inside the “inc/plugins” folder.
  4. Now after everything is uploaded, you need login to your AdminCP using your Administrator username and on the Configuration menu, select “Plugins
  5. Check your PLUGIN_NAME is in the list and you should see the option to “Install and Activate” your plugin.
    NOTE: After installing and activating your plugin, some modifications require post-install configurations. These should be highlighted inside the “readme” file or explained on screen once plugin is activated.

And that’s about it, plugin is installed.

There is also the posibility to install a plugin directly using a Plugin Uploader.

Download Plugin Uploader

Using the Plugin Uploader, you only need to upload the zip file and the plugin will do the rest for you, even set it to┬áinstall plugins in MyBB after it’s uploaded.

To use the Plugin Uploader is really straight forward, you just need to use the steps explained above to install the Plugin Uploader, then go to “Configuration>Plugins>Upload Pluginto upload and also install another plugin directly from its .zip file.

That’s it, cheers, if you have any questions, please comment bellow!

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