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How to create a cpanel account package in WHM

Today I’m going to explain how to create a cpanel account package for cpanel/WHM to allow you to create limited cpanel accounts for your clients. What I’m about to explain should be available on cpanel.net website already, I’m only going to select the tutorial and explain it again here selectively.

Add a cpanel package in WHM

Creating the cPanel account package

1. First thing’s first, login to your WHM account on your server (using the root username or the reseller account username). By default you can login to the following url:

https://your-server-ip:2087or using SSL

2. Navigate to Packages > Add a Package

3.  Then set your limits accordingly.

Note: For reseller accounts (not root) you need to specify a value other then Unlimited for disk quota. I know it says/allow you to choose Unlimited but cPanel has a bug with this unfortunately. So if you want do not want to limit your clients, just choose a ridiculous high number for Disk Quota.

Then you just need to save it and you are done!

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