Holidays are gone, 2014 officially starts

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Holidays are gone, 2014 officially starts

Hello from 2014 to all our users, I’m making this first post in this new year to wish all of you a happy and prosperous new year. I hope you guys enjoyed the holidays at least as much as me and looking forward for the new year.

I’m happy to let all of you know that we’ve got some new plans and new ideas for our coming up tutorials, some of them are already in draft and just need finishing touches and will be available online soon starting this week.

Regarding server tutorials, as you probably noticed I’ve postponed them a bit, but I should be able to start with at least 1-2 new tutorials also per week. We will still be focusing more on our code snippets category which is still fresh, but where you will mostly find almost everything you need for developing your own website or building a project.

In these last holiday I was also able to build a little website with a currency convertor, its still in beta and design is not fully completed, but its just a little to go until I can leave it be. It is based on my last php tutorial but far more developed. Its also making use of a javascript library for making conversion directly on the fly without posting the conversion details.

Anyways, that’s it for this first post, will see you starting tomorrow with new snippets or tutorial articles, so look forward.

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