Google ChromeCast, video streaming directly to your TV

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Google ChromeCast, video streaming directly to your TV

The new weapon provided by Google strives to breach TV market by allowing every user video streaming directly to your TV, transforming the normal TV into a SmartTV(?) . That’s what it looks like, it does come with a few conditions though. It requires for you to already have a smart device, like a android or IOS phone or table or just  a normal PC. At the current time, almost everyone is connected to the internet, so a computer is almost there in each of our homes. As for phones, these also became a requirement in our life, and more and more, android and IOS phones are starting to be used.

Well the requirements lets say that are not exactly hard to meet.

Ok, but what can I do with this little device?

Essentially, it allows you to stream content from any device running Google Chrome to ChromeCast, and from here, while being connected to a HDMI port, plays the video directly from the browser (well it streams it over wireless connection). It doesn’t force you to use a specific operating system, and it is powered on by a normal A/V receiver or using a normal usb port.



Currently, the price of this mini device is only at $35 USD.

Currently it is known that the device works well with the well known youtube and Netflix, and apparently Pandora, however due to Google realeasing the ChromeCast SDK, developers can integrate this on every website for video streaming. I believe it won’t take long till a computer or device app will come online that allows streaming directly from your PC without the need of the browser Chrome, but who knows … this is just my  little impression.

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