Google Apps not a free service

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Google Apps not a free service

Google has been over the years limiting the access for free users more and more, at the second half of this year I personally noticed that Google started to remove the free link signup from more of its pages, leaving only one way to access.

Today, 07 December 2012, Google apps for free users no longer available. Well not exactly, what I mean is that no more free registrations are accepted. The users who still have the free service, for example, me, can still use the free services. Not sure until when or to what limits, but that’s how it is.

However I’m still recommending google’s mail servers even though its a paid service now, for $5 USD you can one mailbox if I understood it properly with up to 25GB of disk space.

An alternative however is the free service from Its similar but well its hotmail servers with a lot more restrictive filters/spamming (good in a way, but you would want to receive all emails when on a business), so if a client has a bad mail server or bad reputation, that could make it so you, the user using not being able to receive that email.

Truthfully not your fault, not’s fault, but the administrators of the server that has let the server IP reputation going in a bad direction.

Alternatives to Google Apps for domains

For those who still want to use it, then they can signup here:

In any case, I saw this coming from Google.

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