The best file manager for Android

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The best file manager for Android

With current time’s smartphones the majority of them are using Android or IOS, I myself am using Android 4.1.2 on my SGS2. I know it is currently an old phone but it still does its job well. Anyway, Android gives you the option to view all your files without breaking the OS on your phone and tablet or otherwise “Root” the the phone. This allows developers also a lot of freedom with their applications. Of course they can’t be doing stupid things, and the applications are already verified by good ol’ Google before allowing us to install them. But some Android version do not allow you to view your phone files by default, or not allowing access to specific section of your phone, hence why developers thought of making a file manager specifically for this purpose. In this article we’ll going to go through the top 5 file manager for android I’ve used so far on my phone.

  • Total Commander

Total Commander is rated currently with a 4.9 score, which is really really good. I’ve used Total Commander on Windows, when I was still using windows at least, it was the best “Windows explorer” at the time. You could do almost anything you can think of, archives, file or folder move, copy, delete and edit, FTP connections. I’ve installed Total Commander, I can say it runs really fast for me and has almost the same options as the Windows software, so this is good, right? I wanted really to check the zip option on this and found a zip file on my phone lying around. When I tried opening the file it opened instantly, no lag or anything. File was about 5M in size. Adding that it can password protect the files with AES encryption and with this it holds it ground in the top!

Install Total Commander

  • Astro File manager

This particular application I was already familiar with, it has the option to connect to Dropbox, Google Drive, Sky drive and a lot of other cloud storage services. The thing I like on this application is the design, usability and functionality. Personally I like the functionality given by the app, runs really smooth and has a lot of options that you can use. Its best for day-to-day usage, its fast, easy and simple.

Install Astro File manager

  • ES File Explorer

This is another one I’ve heard a lot and wanted to test a long ago, it is similar to Astro File manager in functionality, it allows you to connect to various cloud networks, transfer data from FTP servers or shared folders on the network. What it does have more than the others so far, is a disk analyzer, which gives you more detail on what is using space on device and allows you to discover space-hogging (temporary) files. I haven’t exactly used it a lot, but it does need to be in this top.

Install ES File Explorer

  • File Expert

This one is a popular and simple Android file explorer, it has been used if I remember right to integrate with other applications, so its pretty usable among developers. It is an ad-supported file manager, meaning you have a free and paid version, the paid one offering a unique feature like File Shredder (permanently removing files) and Safe Box ( for hiding files in a secret folder ).

Install File Expert

  • AirDroid

I wasn’t exactly sure if I should add this to our file manager top list as it is more of “Full smartphone remote control application, you can manage almost anything from your android phone wirelessly from any computer, you do have the option for a file manager and it is a simple browser based one at that, however the of control you get from AirDroid to your phone is remarkable. I wish IOS would take at least one eye at this superb application.

Install AirDroid

That’s it for todays article, this was my top 5 apps I use for this, personally I like Astro File Manager and AirDroid from these 5 applications.


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