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You are a new visitor to our site? That is great, first thank you for taking your time in finding this website,¬†that means you’re probably interested in something related to website scope, maybe in programming, server configuration, blogging or just site optimization or maybe something else that let you here?

Anyway, if you did indeed stumble here, I want you to know that everything we wrote here on this website is based on our experience, tested and verified it as working. All articles and tutorials here are based on our previous experiences where we found some things that worked and some that didn’t. Also we are not that fixed on on just our test, if you do have a test on one of our articles to prove something that was wrongly state, or if you have maybe something to add, we would be happy to adjust it and help the next user with the correct information.

But what can you find on this website? There are a few majore categories I and some friends are working on, see bellow:

For a long time now I’ve been working with dedicated servers, vps servers, shared hosting servers, I’ve had my share of issues so far and learned a lot from them. On this website you will find ¬†articles about server configuration, proxy configuration, SSL configuration and so on. Anything I probably find interesting and good to know, I will probably write about it, mainly for me as I have a poor memory and forget things, and then for you, the user who was found in the same situation to install or configure something on your servers. Sections are usually about Web servers like Apache or Nginx, Proxy configurations and some things about cPanel/WHM that may be interesting to know.

Even though me, the person writing this, works a lot with servers, I did had a time when programming was something I liked. I do not hate it now but I do like spending time on servers more then programming. In the beginning I did a few programming tutorials, however my view on this was a bit limited, as such a friend of mine came and lent me a hand with some programming articles. So far so good, all of them are really great articles, even I learned a few things myself. The articles where he will write about are mostly about PHP, JavaScript, jQuery and Ajax and lastly, HTML and CSS.

This is a compilation of things I tested and found them to be useful for site optimization, decreasing loading times for sites and optimizing them for SEO. I have quite a list of things that you can use, from browser caching up to reverse proxy caching or CDN caching. There are a few tips there that you can use and test on your own websites. Speed is always important, don’t forget, even Google likes fast website! Wrote an article not so long ago explaining why speed is important what steps you can do to optimize your site as much as possible.

This is … well lets say I haven’t played with this since a long time now, I may be starting with it again. This is mainly due with SQL server configuration and optimization, but will also be including tutorials that make use of databases. So that’s why I named it only Databases. I guess is not that good to leave it like some bulk bin or something but haven’t explicitly been too active on this. We will see how it will go on from here, it may just take a turn to programming or server configuration.

I’ve started this section since I planned on giving some tips I learned along about blogging, mostly about wordpress since this is what I’m currently using. So you can see some nice tips on wordpress and some nice code snipped that could help your site to increase in traffic.

There aren’t a lot of things on this site, right? Well it shouldn’t be, I mean I wouldn’t be having time at all with anything then *giggle*. Anyway, if there is anything you would maybe want to know or maybe help in some section, programming, configuration or anything that we didn’t yet wrote about, you could always send us a message through the contact form and we will let you know when this will be published. Do not forget to subscribe to always receive our latest article via email, you can do this on the bottom of this page or using the bellow form:

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