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Google Pagespeed Insights



Google pagespeed has been a nice feature that was announced a few years back with high expectations. They also have a pagespeed module for multiple web servers, I have been testing it for some time, it does the job really well, especially the apache module. This is design to minify and also optimize all resources on the server before they are sent to the user.

Installing the apache module is fairly easy, but that’s not the point we are talking about here. We will be talking more about the Pagespeed insights, and we will start with a quick report that Pagespeed insights give us, mainly:

  • Fast server response
  • Avoiding redirects
  • Reduce blocking resources
  • Minimize payload
  • Minimize delay in page load
  • Other things need to keep in mind

Insights Pagespeed

The above is a screenshot of a quick report done to this website, the same as in for the report from pingdoom, it is highlighted that I should optimize the images, which is interesting, keeping in mind that those images are mostly from facebook. I also get a score of 87 out of 100, not too good but not bad either, also do keep this in mind, the improve server response is for facebook’s profile of some fan that liked our page.

Leverage browser

Leverage browser

On the left side there are some quick-links to help us navigate through the report, I’m specifically only going to check the leverage browser caching and image scalability as I believe that’s the only thing I’m still currently missing. However it is advised to navigate through each of them carefully and analyze them. I will also do the same, but most of them are linked to MaxCDN which I can’t really do much or to resources from google or facebook, which again are out of our control.

Also upon checking the leverage browser caching, it seems its linked to google’s adsense ads … again unrelated/out of our control.

Maybe someone from Google should take note of these things as its clearly something that we can not handle ourselves. So overall, my score of 87 is a bit off.

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