Slow speed in prestashop 1.5

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Slow speed in prestashop 1.5

I have some clients that are using Prestashop as their E-commerce script. While I agree with most users out there that this is a great script, if you want to run it in a shared environment, this script is behaving like nothing I’ve seen, it has really slow speed in prestashop. And I’m referring to their latest version as of now, which is 1.5.2, compared the previous ones 1.4.x.

If you also look on their forum you will see a lot is being talked about this specific issue. Their performance tips involves removing the template check and enable caching.

However, the only problem where I’m seeing this as an issue is when you’re looking at the front site of your website, the backend is fast to not notice any details.

So what’s is the real issue here ?

It’s true that every new release comes with bugs that needs fixed and so on, however while they did increase the more functionality on their backend,  I believe they forgot to do anything to their main frontend site or that something is missing there.

In their documentation says we need to use caching to cache the queries the script makes, however, I have seen other E-Commerce stores behaving much better without any caching compared to the cached version of Prestahop.

Now it is true that I have not yet tested the script with APC or Memcached, but only with the normal File System cache option, since most shared hosting won’t even provide the two caching modules.

The only way to reduce the load time and increase speed for prestashop by a little is by setting:

  • Enable the cache option
  • Do not enable console

As for the caching modules, as I said, most shared hosting companies will not provide such option unless you consider a dedicated service like a VPS server or a Dedicated server.

So overall the new design in the backend is nice, working properly, no delaying and so on, however when we’re seeing the frontend, I’m pretty sure there are a number of users having this exact issue, slow website.

I guess having a SSD based hosting service will also increase performance a lot, but it will be more expensive.

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  • alberto

    For me… just unactivating the friendly ULR PS 1.5X goes much faster.

    I hope that they repeir that because i really want to have friendly URLs!!


    • Not sure of that, but it could help. using friendly URL could be used to cache the pages via browser, serving them faster.

  • mohammed

    For me, it’s admin end that takes minutes to load a page. And no, there are no extensions for this fresh PS installation.

    • The issues really are with the frontpage, admin backend should be working fast for all users, if you are seeing there issues, do check with your hosting provider, they may be able to provide more help.

      • In my case the really issue in on backoffice, more than 30s to load a page!… And I don’t know what to ask to my provider because I have serveral store with 1.4.x Prestashop with a very good performance both on FO and BO.
        Any clue ?

        • If you are referring to the site you used with your comment, I noticed that you are using php 5.2.17, have you consider asking if they have the option to update php to at least 5.3? Other than this, I really have no clue on what you should check, I would need to poke the server to see what it could cause to be this slow.

  • Y.M.

    In large shops, the frontend SQL queries are really slow, especially if the products have combinations and stuff like that. I am having issues with my hosting providers because they say my SQL queries are real slow. Running PS with 200 categories and 1800 products, with 10-100 combinations each.

    • Well with large shops you will most likely think its time to go with a dedicated service. A VPS with memcache installed and maybe a SSD will help you.

      Its not really the fact that your queries are slow, its the fact that these are too big / slow to finish. You need some kind of caching mechanism for database to improve performance there.

      • Y.M.

        Yeah, I am considering so, the problem is PS 1.5 is a lot slower with memcached enabled than without it, they really need to work on that.

        • It really depends, it should be at least faster then your current setup. You can also try using APC instead if you believe it helps better, memcache is what I recommend though.

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