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How to install modules using NPM (Node Packaged Modules)

npm - node package module

About NPM In my earlier tutorials I’ve shown you how you can install node.js on a CentOS or Debian operating system, the process is almost the same on all distribution, you just need to use the proper repository and use the linux package installer to install node.js and / or npm. In this article however,

jQuery DOM Attributes tutorial


jQuery DOM Attributes In the previous chapters we talked about jquery selectors and we learned that they are coming from css world. We selected elements that were available in the DOM that can be manipulated in all kinds of ways. In this tutorial we will go further and we will talk about DOM attributes. We can manipulate

jQuery Selectors tutorial


jQuery selectors As I promised, I will write a series of jquery tutorials starting from beginner to advanced, so the first episode of these series will be about jquery selectors. What are jquery selectors ? jQuery selectors are one of the most important aspects of the jQuery library. These selectors use familiar CSS syntax to

Learn Jquery step by step [ jQuery Course ]


Learn Jquery step by step We’ve been talking since some time now about some advanced techniques regarding this thing called “jQuery”, but now it is time to cover it in more detail and structure it also for beginners. We will start a little journey with jQuery, trying to cover in detail the most significant parts,

How to use PHP namespaces


PHP namespaces Before we dig in into namespaces, we have to understand what they are, and how they are used. A simple analogy can be made between PHP namespaces and a filesystem. They work quite the same and apply the same principle. Imagine the following directory structure:

Everything clear. You have a “foo.txt” file in the

Get country IP address in php

php code

Get country IP address in php I was checking around stackoverflow recently and I tend to look at what people are doing or making and getting what I know refreshed or trying to learn new tricks from here and there. Today I saw one user trying to get country IP address in php and I

Let’s laugh a bit…

You all know how programming can be boring and time consuming sometimes, so why don’t we explore the fun part of it today ? I saw in the past an article about something like “the funniest comments in the code that you encountered” or something similar, and I told myself “hey, this could be a

CSS Pseudo-classes

CSS before and after

CSS Pseudo-classes You heard about these things in the past, right? So what are these classes that we are talking about? Pseudo classes are structures that are used to specify a state of the selector. They are used in the next format: selector:pseudoClass { property: value; }, simply with a colon in between the selector and the pseudo class.

8 of the most common html validation mistakes


8 of the most common html validation mistakes. One of the most ignored thing when writing code, is that the developer checks the output of the website from the browser, and it is not giving any attention to html validations. A well written website should have a good html validation. What is html validation ?

Using Javascript eval function

Javascript eval function Long, long in the past, I was trying to obtain a logical expression from some different variables and concatenate them into one single variable, to use that further for a jQuery plugin. Everything looked great when running console.log(myVar), but then the problem came. In my mind, I didn’t thought that the result would

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