How to view the history in Internet Explorer

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How to view the history in Internet Explorer

Everyone that uses windows should know or at least heard about the browser Internet Explorer, currently the latest version is Internet Explorer 9. In this article I’m going to let you know how to view the history in windows Internet Explorer of your visited sites in each software version till now.

  • Internet Explorer 7.0 and above

The way how to view the history in internet explorer  has not changed since IE 7.0, so this apply to all version above. What you need to do is really quite simple.

  1. First of course open Internet Explorer
  2. Look in top-right corner for a “star” icon and click on it
  3. It will show your favourite sites, feeds and history, click on the last tab to view your history
  4. Here you need to select the period you want to check/view, you should at least have the option “Today”.

And that’s all really, it’s really simple. There’s also a combination of keys that you can use, just hit at the same time ctrl+h and the history will pop in the right side.

  • Internet Explorer 6.x.

On the old version of internet explorer 6, viewing history is different. You do not have a direct option to access the history like on the new versions. You need to:

  1. Open again Internet Explorer
  2. Then in the top menu bar, click on Tools from the drop down menu select “Internet Options”
  3. Now, on the General tab, click on the “Settings” button under the Temporary Internet Files section.
  4. Then click on the “View Files” button when the pop-up window appears to display your history.

There is also a shortcut that works on a Internet Explorer versions, you can press the F4 key on your keyboard in an open browser session to view the most recent websites that were visited.

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