Finally Facebook unblocked my website

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Finally Facebook unblocked my website

If you are reading this page then chances are that you’ve search it due to being blocked by Facebook for posting your own website url. I myself have also been in the same situation where Facebook blocked my url but finally, after half a year, Facebook unblocked my site.

Why was I blocked on Facebook?

This is also a big big question, although for some of you who knows exactly why they were blocked, they probably were expecting it. Anyways, this is not certain, but I believe it started with my website getting listed in McAfee’s advisory listing. It was a false positive listing, after only 2 days of submitting a request to have my site reviewed, I was able to get a green status on my site. This happened back in October 2012 or at the beginning of November 2012. Since then my website was blocked by Facebook for the only reason that my site is “unsafe”.

The message was similar to this image bellow:

facebook blocked unsafe

Facebook blocked unsafe

Well the recent message is slightly different, but its similar to the above image where its says its unsafe.

What does this mean?

Indeed, this is such an abstract reason they use to block certain website urls, I don’t really complain that they should provide more information, because wrong people would just abuse this and get around it. Basically the “unsafe” reason means that your website is really unsafe, contains something that should not be posted on Facebook or you abused Facebook with spam posts or similar. Yes, everything is put together here, unfortunately if you did spam your website url, then you should know by now that your chances to get unblocked are close to zero.

What can I do to get unblocked?

Other than appealing to Facebook, nothing really. And I asked close friends, some visitors also to help out and appeal to Facebook to get this unblocked using the “Let us know” option in the popup message. I even sent two official letters directly to Facebook Headquarters in UK. Now I really did try my best to get them to review my website and get the link unblocked, however I’m not entirely sure which of the methods worked since they really don’t reply back, like any other big company for that matter.

What it is certain is that you do need to try appeal them and ask them to unblock the website if there are any chances to get you unblocked.

Anyway, yesterday 9 January 2013, after half a year, I noticed my website can be posted on facebook like before. I do hope it will remain like this though.

This was my experience with them so far, but I hope you guys can get your site unblocked faster than me.

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