Apple launching the new IOS 7

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Apple launching the new IOS 7

For those that have a Iphone or Ipad or even enthusiasts of the Apple products have been informed officially on the apple website that IOS 7 will launch in the next fall this year. I’m personally looking forward being the owner of an Ipad to see how to new software works. From the presentation and also from the gallery photo it looks like a redesign has been made, it almost looks like it came just to beat the new android 4.1 or 4.2 or 4.3 design. It looks so much simpler then before and I really do like the new stuff now. I’m not a fan of Apple specifically, I have an Ipad and an android mobile phone, so I want to say I’m being objective here.

Right so what is new to the new IOS 7 ? See bellow the new things IOS 7 brings forth!

Control Center

First comes the control center, now being controlled with a nice swap  in from bottom to top. Really nice and clean. You have there the quick option for disabling or enabling:

Control Center IOS 7

Control Center IOS 7

  • Airplane mode
  • Wifi
  • Bluetooth
  • Do Not Disturb (Silent mode)
  • Lock (locking your screen orientation)
  • Brightness controll
  • Music control (play, pause or skip song)
  • Volume
  • AirDrop and AirPlay
  • Flashlight,
  • Timer
  • Calculator
  • Camera

Compared to before, the new control center looks much more clean although it has more application to control directly from the control center then before.

The Control Center can be accessed from any screen, including the Lock screen.

Notification center

The notification center comes this time from the top to bottom, includes 3 tabs that has all the notification you need. This includes:

  • Today – Gives you a summary of what your day is like, for eg. weather, calendar with any appointments or birthdays
  • Missed – Lets  you know what you meed, like text messages, calls, latest social streams
  • All – This includes every notification from the two tabs
Notification IOS 7

Notification IOS 7


The details provided by Apple state the follow:

While you multitask, it does, too

I think it refers to the fact that while you open and run in multiple application, the apps that you mostly use are kept in background automatically, and keeps track of the fact that you check a specific application at a specific time. So this is done automatically for you, and you just need to read the updates. A smart way indeed!


Camera on the new IOS is allowing all shooting formats: still, video, panorama, and now square. With just a swipe you can switch from photo to video. You can also apply filters on your image directly or at a later time if you wish to change the image.

Filters camera

Filters camera

Photo Library

A new feature has been included in with this release, it will automatically keep track of the time when you took the photo or added it to your library. You can now check your photo collection by date, name, year or even years. You can easy share everything with ICloud so your friends or family can see them also.


This lets you transfer anything from photos, videos or apps or anything that has a share button to any friend that uses AirDrop.

Air drop

Air drop

Safari browser

The browser now comes redesigned, a new way to manage all your tabs and bookmarks. The new feature I persoanlly look forward is the full screen browser view!

Safari browser IOS 7

Safari browser IOS 7

It also has a new way to share and read your twitter timeline and also a unified search feature for finding your page much faster.


Siri now gets a new upgrade, a new sound and more capabilities to do, like returning calls, playing voicemail, controlling iTunes Radio, and more

App Store

App store has now been redesigned and new options included. You can now search for apps that are nearby:

Wherever you find yourself — the Louvre, for instance — tap Near Me and you’ll see a list of apps you might find useful.
– quote from apple website

Find my Iphone

The last new modification appears to be the new FindMyIphone and new tweaks, now turning off Find My iPhone or erasing your device data requires your Apple ID and password. It also has a nice message when the phone is in lock status to contact the owner.

Find my IPhone

Find my IPhone


And that’s about it, I’ll end this with the nice video presentation that you can find it also on their official website:


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