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About Mozilla Thunderbird

Mozilla Thunderbird is one of the best cross-platform email client available for Windows, MacOS and Linux and has been developed by Mozilla Foundation since year 2004. First version being released on December 7, it received at the time over 500k downloads in only 3 days! In 2012 however Mozilla has dropped priority development for this and has only provided security maintenance updates, while allowing the open community to take over development of new features. In this tutorial I’m going to show you how to add new email account to Mozilla Thunderbird. I just noticed that I haven’t written any tutorials about this and I’ve been using it since early 2007. So without further delay, lets start the tutorial.

Preparing email account details

First you need to get yourself the email account details you wish to use with Thunderbird, normally the automatic process will try to get the details for you, but just in case, please make sure you know the below details:

  • Email account username
  • Email account password
  • SMTP server and port (default should be 25, 26 for TLS/no SSL and 465 for SSL)
  • IMAP Server and port (default should be 143 for TLS/no SSL and 993 for SSL)

For email accounts like gmail.com you do not need the above information, these will be known automatically by Thunderbird.

Add a new email account to Mozilla Thunderbird

Open Thunderbird and by default the “Mail account setup” should start automatically if its the first time, if not, you can follow the steps below:

  • Linux / Ubuntu (MacOS I believe is the same) – Navigate to menu Edit / Account Settings. Next click on “Account Actions” and select “Add mail account
  • Windows –┬áNavigate to menu Tools / Account Settings. Next click on “Account Actions” and select “Add mail account

You should see a window similar to the below image:

Mail Account Setup

Mail Account Setup

If you are trying to add a Gmail email account, you just need to enter the email address and password. A similar information as the below image will appear:

gmail account thunderbird

Gmail account Thunderbird

Then you can just click Done and you’ve finished adding the new Gmail email account.

When adding a custom email account where you need to specify the exact settings, its possible things could not go right and you need to enter the email settings manually, you can do this using the Manual config.

For now, I tried creating for this example an email account [email protected] and then tested this with Thunderbird, see bbelowimage:

Add custom email account

Add custom email account

You need to be careful here when using a custom email account, for instance, the username has only been used as “example” from example@yourhowto.net. This is incorrect, to fix this we need to go to Manual Config and change the username.

Correct username in thunderbird

Correct username in thunderbird

You can click the “Done” button and you will probably have a window to add a security exception. You need to understand that some hosting servers may be using a Self Signed Certificate with their email server, you can click on “Confirm Security Exception” and you’ve completed adding the email account.

And that would be all, you can then see the email account on the left side and you can start using it for receiving emails and sending emails.

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