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How to strip all spaces out of a string in php


How to strip all spaces out of a string in php You have a string stored in a PHP variable, and you want to eliminate all whitespaces or spaces from that string with PHP, not only from the beginning or the end of the string. Scenario

Solution for spaces

Solution for whitespaces

Which IP address is using more bandwidth?

bandwidth monitor

Which IP address is using more bandwidth? I’ve made before another article similar to this one about tracking and monitoring your server bandwidth, this however, is something a bit different, with more in depth view per IP address. Before you could see only the total amount of bandwidth used IN or OUT of your server, however

How to install SHOUTcast Server

shoutcast server radio

How to install SHOUTcast Server I recently got a client seeking to install shoutcast server  on his VPS server, normally we don’t install services other the default ones preinstalledinstalled/needed for any web server. However the specific client was looking for hosting his own shoutcast server for his little radio station and it seems that he

jQuery ajax tutorial example


jQuery ajax tutorial example This is probably the most interesting and yet complicated thing from our tutorial series. This is the magic that modern websites are using in order to update in real time their content, database, etc. What is AJAX ? Ajax stands for Asynchronous JavaScript and XML. From Wikipedia, it is a group of interrelated web development techniques used on

Fix opencart loading very slow

opencart logo

Fix opencart loading very slow Its been awhile since I wrote a site optimization tip, maybe the reason why is that I’m probably out of ideas of what to write about. Even now, I had a client that was using OpenCart with a large number of products in his catalog and causing slow loading on

Limit wget download speed

wget download

Limit wget download speed wget, formally named geturl, is one of the most used command for downloading content on the internet within servers. I namely use it when downloading large amount of files that requires to have a lot of time until it finish. In such cases, wget can be used in a screen and

How to install Red5 Media Server on Ubuntu / Debian

red5 logo

How to install Red5 Media Server on Ubuntu or Debian Red5 Media Server is a powerful video streaming solution standing its own ground to the big giant Adobe with their own Adobe Media Server, however compared to them, Red5 is free, based on Java and other open source frameworks. It provides a good solution to

Linux ftp command tutorial

ftp connection

Linux ftp command tutorial Today I will go through a series of FTP commands from a linux command line, I will show you really simple how to use this without using a 3rd party software like FileZilla for instance. Don’t get me wrong, I recommend Filezilla at any time, but for those who want to

jQuery events handling


jQuery events handling Here we are with our next tutorial about events handling in jQuery. We arrived pretty far. By now you should know how to select elements from the DOM, use them further from traversing and all kinds of manipulations. What are events? Events are actions that can be detected by your Web Application

Fix printing offset Brother printer ubuntu

print logo

Fix printing offset Brother printer Ubuntu Today will be a short and easy fix on how to fix the printing offset of a printer (in my case was Brother brand) when the result printed will be offset by a few millimeters to the left or to another direction (top offset, bottom offset or right offset

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