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Install phpmyadmin mcrypt error

phpmyadmin logo

About phpmyadmin A little bit of phpmyadmin, this is an open source php script designed specifically to manage Mysql server over the web. It is also supporting MariaDB or Drizzle database server and has a wide range of operation that can be done directly from the web. It provides support for: browse and drop databases, tables,

Install PHP-FPM on Ubuntu and Debian

Install PHP-FPM on Ubuntu and Debian What is PHP-FPM? That’s probably some of you are thinking, or maybe someone of you found this page by looking how to install it, anyway, FPM stands  for Fastcgi Process Manager. This is a much better alternative to PHP Fastcgi, can be used on any sites, but mostly used

Hash encryption methods using php

php encryption using php

LE 31 October: Thank you Fanis! Hashing methods using php Hashing is the basic of them all when it comes to security, in basic scripting md5 is the easiest basic method of hasing. A lot of developers use this for basic protection, including wordpress developers for their passwords. I confirmed this today when a client of mine

Install Lighttpd web server, mysql 5.5 and PHP

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Install Lighttpd web server on linux I’ve wrote a few days back an article about the top web servers on the internet of 2013, Lighttpd was put in last place there, however it is not necessary the last one in the top if you’ve read my article, also there are other web servers out there

How to install a mail server

Install mail server

About Postfix and Sendmail mail server This tutorial has been made to show you how to install a mail server on your linux server. Sendmail mail server (MTA) is one of the most used mail server on the internet, by default this should be included in almost any linux distribution and can be used directly

Increase /tmp partition size on linux

using df

Increase /tmp partition size on linux The real purpose of this article is to show you how to increase the /tmp partition on linux, be it Ubuntu, Debian or CentOS, any linux distributions should work with this tutorial. The real reason why I wanted to make this tutorial is due to a friend of mine

How to install Varnish cache on CentOS, Ubuntu and Debian

varnish cache

How to install Varnish cache on CentOS, Ubuntu and Debian I started long ago an article that stated I was using Varnish cache for one of my servers, which is true, but never caught my mind to make an article on how to install Varnish on CentOS or Ubuntu or Debian. You’ve probably noticed, but these

Compress and extract a zip archive on Ubuntu / Debian linux

archive zip

Compress and extract a zip archive on Ubuntu / Debian linux The zip command is one of the most popular archive types used on the internet, should be by default in all linux, Windows and MacOS distribution, however there are certain cases where this is not present. For example a bare installation of centos or

MongoDB PHP Tutorial

mongodb php tutorial

MongoDB PHP Tutorial I’ve been thinking that a tutorial about using MongoDB with PHP would be needed, a few days ago I went and showed you how to install MongoDB and also to get the php extension for MongoDB installed. So in this article I’m going with a MongoDB php tutorial and trying to get

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